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        Classic 8” Chef’s Knife

        The all round knife for everyday use. Curved for a rocking motion and razor sharp. The classic Chef's knife has become the go-to multi purpose knife for a myriad of general slicing, dicing & chopping actions.

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        Classic 3.75" Paring Knife

        A thin-bladed knife designed for coring & paring (peeling) fruit such as apples as well as slicing smaller ingredients. Perfect for detailed & controlled cutting.

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        Classic 7” Santoku

        Santoku literally translated means 3 virtues. This traditional Japanese shaped knife is for everyday use. The Eastern equivalent to a chef's knife. The name 'three virtues' is derived from its versatility for cutting fish, meat and vegetables. The hollows added to the sides of the knife break vacuum pockets formed in dense foods to prevent sticking.

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        Classic 6” Chef's Knife

        A compact version of the popular 8" chef's knife, the 6" offers all of the attributes of the bigger knife, but has a smaller blade preferred by some for its manoeuvrability.

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