Our knives use only the finest steels. Our Damascus Range uses imported Japanese VG10 / AUS-10 Super Steel from Takefu / Aichi and our Fusion Range uses imported Japanese AUS-8 Steel from Aichi Steel.
We currently offer our knives for sale both on OrientKnives.com, on Amazon USA & Amazon Europe. Should you wish to buy our products outside of the USA or Europe please email us and we can arrange this for you.
Yes. We do not print patterns on our knives. You will see the authentic Damascus layers in the patterns of the steel
To keep our prices low we only sell online, giving you discounts of up to 50% vs high street stores.
Orient Knives are made in Yianjiang in China using imported Japanese Steels. The region has been involved in the manufacturing of knives for 1,500 years and is the Chinese the equivalent of Solingen (Germany), Thiers (France) or Seki (Japan).

By using the latest technologies and constant innovation our factory produces only the highest quality knives, delivered to you at affordable prices.

It’s Safer – You have to apply less force, meaning you are less likely to slip

Food Looks & Tastes Better  – As you need to apply less force, food holds its shape better and wont get squashed. When fine dicing small foods such as herbs a sharp knife will cut and not tear or squash the food, improving the structure and keeping it fresher for longer.

It’s Less Tiring – Chopping with a sharp knife takes less time and means you need to exert less energy.

Yes, all Orient Knives come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defect. See our warranty page for full information
Yes, please keep the item in its original packaging and you can return it for a full refund.
Our knives take between 90 – 150 days to manufacture. This is due to the rareness of the steels we use (high demand and a single supply) plus the intricate and labour intensive manufacturing process when using quality Japanese Steels. If we are sold out of any items, please contact us and we can pre-reserve you any knives from our next shipment
As with all quality knives, Orient Knives should never be placed in the dishwasher. Harsh chemicals can damage the steel and cause rust spots to form. More importantly items will move around in the dishwasher which may cause knives to become chipped.
Yes – Our product development team are working on launching many more knives into our collection. These include Steak Knives, Bread Knives, Cleavers, Filleting Knives, Boning Knives and Pairing Knives.
Orient Knives should be regularly honed to retain the edge. Sharpen from time to time using a whetstone or a professional sharpening service. We will be launching our sharpening guide soon with useful videos on how to correctly sharpen your blade.

Yes, any stainless steel product can develop rust spots. Stainless steel is not ‘stain free’ it means it stains less than alloy or carbon steels. Caring for your knife properly can help prevent rust developing on the blade.

Yes, it is possible to ship outside of the UK and USA. Please contact us and we can arrange a shipment for you. Please note: you may be liable for domestic taxes and import duties in the destination country.