Orient Knives Packaging

It’s extremely important to look after your Orient Knife so that it stays in best possible condition and can be used for generations. Improper care can severely damage and reduce the lifespan of your knife. 

Our bladesmiths sharpen Orient Knives to between 7 and 15 degrees. This acute angle results in a thinner edge which is much more delicate. Proper understanding of your knife is important to prevent damage to the blade.


  • Never cut onto a marble, stone, tile or glass surface. Always use a good quality plastic or wooden chopping board.
  • Never put your knife in the dishwasher. Harsh cleaning chemicals can damage the steel. Pressure jets can also move the knife which could damage the knife.
  • Do not attempt to cut through frozen foods or bones. If you should slice into something frozen or solid, remove carefully using a slicing (forward and backward) motion. Never twist the knife to remove it. Doing so will bend the edge and possibly chip the blade.
  • Never use the side of a blade to crush garlic as this can cause injury
  • Never soak a knife before cleaning. Avoid soaking in harsh cleaning solutions or any solutions containing bleach.
  • Do not cut with a chopping (up and down) motion. This is not the proper way to cut and can dull the knife blade. Practice cutting with a slicing (forward and backward) motion.
  • Never use Orient knives for any purpose other than the preparation of food.


Our bladesmiths sharpen Orient knives to a razor sharp edge and our quality Japanese VG10, AUS-10 and AUS-8 steels will hold their edge for an exceptionally long time.

Our knives will need to be sharpened from time to time to maintain their sharp edge.  See our sharpening guide for full instructions.


Our knives are incredibly sharp and should always be carefully stored to avoid accidents and to avoid damage to your knife. We recommend always storing knives in back in their original sheath or using a magnetic knife rack or professional knife case.


Always keep knives out of the reach of children.


If your knife is not stored or cleaned correctly, you may find that tiny rust spots can develop on the blade. There are many household stainless steel cleaners available on the market which can be used to remove rust spots from your knife.