Bamboo Chopping Board with Storage Pots

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Bamboo Chopping Board with Storage Pots - 15 x 12 inch Raised Wood Cutting Board with Storage Containers. Great for Carving, with Inner Juice Well & Non Slip Feet


Bamboo Chopping Board with Storage Pots - 15 x 12 inch Raised Wood Cutting Boards with Storage Containers, Great for Carving with Inner Juice Well & Non Slip Feet

  • CHOPPING BOARD WITH INTEGRATED STORAGE POTS - The Orient Chop, Prep and Store delivers beautiful design, function and practicality to the kitchen. The natural bamboo board provides a stable and hygienic work surface for chopping fruits, vegetables, meats, breads and more. The natural bamboo is finished with a food safe beeswax finish, which has beautiful natural grains and lines to complement all kitchen styles.
  • USE THE POTS FOR STORAGE OR FOOD WASTE - Two removable stainless steel pots on the front of the board provide storage for prepped ingredients or can be used for food waste disposal. Once the pots have been stored away, push the rails back and the board transforms into a stylish presentation board for cheese or meats. Make prepping faster and more convenient with the Orient chop and prep.
  • NON-SLIP FEET - The chop and prep board will sit comfortably on any kitchen countertop, the four non-slip feet act as a stable base for cutting even the toughest of ingredients. The subtle overhang at the top of the board is ideal for sweeping ingredients from board to pan, and also makes the board easy to pick up and manoeuvre.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED & HIGH QUALITY WOOD - All of our cutting boards are made from responsibly sourced and sustainable, top-quality woods. Each bamboo board has its own unique character, its own grains and characteristics. Our wooden chopping boards provide a safe and hygienic, knife friendly surface, and are a beautiful edition to any kitchen worktop.
  • DESIGNED BY DONALD WENTHWORTH - The Orient Chop & Prep board was designed by award winning design duo Donald Wentworth. Their designs feature in thousands of homes across Europe for some of the world's biggest kitchenware brands. Our chopping boards arrive in a beautiful Orient gift box, great for gifting to others or to yourself!