Orient Ergo Grip Handle

Central to each of our knives are the virtues of balance, ergonomics, comfort and function. Our design team in Rotterdam, Europe tested over 300 knives, measuring comfort, ergonomics, weight, balance, size, agility and grip. We then with the help of professional chefs set about designing the Orient Ergo-Grip Handle.


Most knives have the grip point at the end of the handle where it unreliably reacts with only the little finger. Only Orient knives re-focus the handle on a central grip point which interacts with the strongest middle fingers allowing you to push the knife firmly into the palm of the hand for more confident handling.

Balance Zone

Unique to Orient Knives – the zone in which the chef can achieve varying degrees of balance between the blade and handle, self calibrating the weight either forward or backwards as required.


No too thick, not too long – the Ergo grip handle has been designed to fit most hand shapes, and contour the natural shape of your hand giving you precision cutting power. A G10 military standard handle offers superior mechanical and dimensional stability and will not shrink or crack for long lasting performance.