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        7" Kiritsuke Cleaver - Carbon Series

        A multi-purpose hybrid design unique to Orient. The Kiritsuke blends the iconic shape of a Kiritsuke Knife with the wide belly of a vegetable cleaver. This versatile, hybrid design offers creates an all round knife that can be used as a replacement for a chef knife.

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        7 inch Cleaver - Carbon Series

        The specialist Butcher's Knife is for carving, skinning, portioning, fat trimming and commercial meat prep. Razor sharp edge, laser tested edge ground to an incredibly fine 15° V ground edge.

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        Classic 7" Cleaver

        A large blade used for butchering or hacking through vegetables and meat. Cleavers have a large face useful for the transport of foods to the pan.

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        7 inch Meat & Vegetable Cleaver - Origin Series

        The Origin 7” Cleaver has a large blade used for butchering and hacking through meat and vegetables and wide face for the transportation of foods.