How to Chiffonade a Red Cabbage - Knife Skills

How to Chiffonade a Red Cabbage - Knife Skills

Orient Knives Chef Ambassador Ollie Ford, demonstrates how to chiffonade a red cabbage using the Orient Damascus 8" Chef Knife.

To 'Chiffonade' means to shred very finely. This technique works particularly well with not only red cabbage, but also lettuce and herbs. Shredded red cabbage can be used for Asian slaw, coleslaw, stir-fry or a simple red cabbage dish, popular at Christmas. 

The first thing to do is cut the cabbage in half and remove the outer layers. This will enable you to push down nice and firmly to flatten the cabbage onto your chopping board. 

The best way to hold the blade is between your thumb and index finger, known as the 'Pinch Grip' technique. This will give you better control when you are chiffonading.

Slice along the cabbage, using your longest finger to guide and buffer the blade as it slices, staying nice and tight to your finger. Meanwhile, with the hand holding the knife, ease the blade further along the cabbage with each cut, inching your finger of your other hand back accordingly.

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